Digital Wellbeing

Utilizing digital technology to improve people’s well-being and potential for individual development becomes an essential criterion for the assessment of successful digital transitions.

Best Practices


This action field concerns the proactive commitment of businesses towards the improvement of the wellbeing and chances of development of their employees.

Internal Stakeholders: Employees (Managers, Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Works Council, Corporate health care/ Department on occupational safety and health 

Product Development, Marketing, Sales, Business Development) 

External Stakeholders: Business partners, suppliers, customers 

  • Assessment of the impact of new technology and data-driven applications on employees, customers, and partners  
  • Assessment of the impact of the absence of digital applications on employee’s well-being  
  • The well-being can be measured through individual surveys on employee satisfaction and experiences with digital transformations. Microsoft Viva provides a possibility of automated evaluations

  • Defining roles and responsibilities on the management and monitoring of digital well-being  
  • Identify existing activities that enhance digital well-being but are not yet incorporated in a formal framework 
  • Review and assess existing occupational health and safety measures  
  • Documentation and development of well-being programes, tools, and resources  
  • Publication of existing tools and resources 
  • Deploy awareness-raising measures on well-being initiatives to increase acceptance and establish a transformation culture 
  • Initiate a constructive dialog with all stakeholders (e.g., through open surveys) 
  • Put well-being issues on the daily agenda 

  • IEEE Employee Wellbeing in the Digital Age  
  • Legislative initiative of the European Parliament on the ‘right to disconnect’ 

Google Wellbeing

Microsoft Viva

Examination of “Humane Tech” of digital technologies

Resources from German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health