About the Association

The Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. represents the interests of companies that deploy digital business models. As an initiator, guide and accelerator of digital business models, the BVDW represents the interests of the digital economy vis-à-vis political arena and society.

The association wants to create innovation-friendly framework conditions for the digital economy. Its network of experts provide orientation and guidance regaridng central working areas of the digital future. Next to  the DMEXCO and the German Digital Award, the BVDW organizes a large number of specialist events to bring members from a wide range of industries together.


Digital Responsibility Department

The digitization of the economy and society is a driver of solutions in vairous areas: Energy, mobility or the world of work. Businesses have a special responsibility to transform technological progress into social benefits.

However, there are still hardly any sophisticated digital responsibility strategies in Germany and Europe. In this department, the BVDW, as emphasizes the development of digital repsonsibility guidlines and strategies. In this context, the BVDW also advocates innovation-friendly framework conditions for the use of digital technologies.

The Department

Heads behind the CDR-Initiative

Stefanie Valdes-Scott

Europe Senior Manager Government Relations, Adobe Systems GmbH

Stefanie manages Government Relations in Central Europe. Digital Citizenship: The responsible use of technology for the benefit of all –  forms the basis for thinking and action of a business. 

Angelika Pauer

Senior Manager, Risk Assurance Solutions, PwC GmbH

Angelika offers more than 10 years of practical experience in consulting. She is invioled in several associations and organizations where she assumes responsibilities regarding digital transformations.

Carsten Rossi

Executive Director, Kammann Rossi GmbH

Carsten offers 20 years expereince regarding the digital transformation of agencies. He is commissioned with the communication work surrounding the Building Bloxx Initiative and has a special interest in Digital Wellbeing.

Jakob Wößner

Manager Organisational Development and Digital Transformation, Weleda AG

Jakob offers years of experience in the field of digital transformation at Weleda and regards the value-based digitalization as a great opportunity for human kind.

Maike Scholz

Senior Compliance Manager, Project lead Digital Ethics, Deutsche Telekom AG

As one of the founding members of the Digital Ethics Core Team, Maike has been involved in the governance and implementation of Digital Ethics and CDR-Projects for many years.

Christina Bingler

Sustainability Manager, United Internet AG

Equipped with experiences of being a Sustainability Manager, Christina contributes towards the concerptualization of the Bloxx Strategy & Governance, Environment & Resources and Privacy & Security.

Oliver Merx

CDR-Experte, dimension2 / cdr-lab.de, Partnermanager, Vivy GmbH

Oliver is the initiator of the CDR-LinkedIn group and an early mover in the CDR space. His main focus is on CDR tools and CDR in the health context. As a trained lawyer, Oliver has expereince with regulatory issues surrounding the CDR context.

Bartosz Przybylek

CEO & Founder, whyzer GmbH

As an expert in responsible digitalization and innovation, Bartosz contributes to Building Bloxx Strategy & Guidelines, CDR Definition, and Values & Principles.

Saskia Becke

Digital Ethics & CDR Services, PwC GmbH

Saskia offers frist hand experience from the consultancy sector and shapes the CDR Initiative regarding the definition of values-based and ethical digitalization processes.

Marco Nürnberg

Senior Manager Strategic Projects, Partnerships, New Work SE

Marco is an expert for New Work and involved in the development of criteria to effectiely operationalize the “Future of Work” Bloxx.

Leon Trippel

Research Consultant, whyzer

Leon offers an ample experience with regard to the development of digital business models and business ethics. He focuses on the role of responsibility in connection with innovation.

Dr. Martina Weifenbach

Founder & CEO, myndway

Martina is an experts with regard to the interrelatedness of digital innovation, new work and awareness. Her experience contributes towards the design of the Bloxx “The Future of Work”.

Norman Ihle

IT-Innovationsmanager, EWE AG

Norman accompanies the digital transformation at EWE and brings together innovative technologies and a responsible approach to digital change.

David Knauer

Security Management Consultant & Project Lead Consulting Digital Ethics, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

David offers several years of consulting experience around digital topics, such as digital strategies, transformation, and information security.

Karine Rübner

Referentin New Work & Digital Responsibility, BVDW

Driven by the desire to play a greater role in shaping digitization in Germany and Europe, Karine is repsonsible for the “Digital Responsibility” department at the BVDW. Among other things, she is responsible for the development of the CDR Building Bloxx framework