We need a CDR framework to accompany the digital transformation in an ethical and value-based manner. Companies in particular are called upon to develop a common understanding of CDR. However, the exchange of ideas on the concept is a task for society as a whole.

According to a survey issued by the German Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (BMVJ), 70% of the respondents find the active promotion of digital responsibility by German companies “very important”.

78% of respondents say that trustworthiness in digital services and products is a crucial factor for consumer decisions.

Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) addresses the role of corporate responsibility in an increasingly digitized world. Reflecting on the impact of one’s own actions on society and the environment is an essential component of a holistically conceived digital transformation. CDR initiatives often go beyond existing regulatory requirements and require proactive self-commitment.

Digital Ethics is the foundation for the design of an operational CDR framework. The initiative reflects the societal consensus on values and standards regarding a digital future. It is a navigation tool that enables the transfer of values from an analog to digital world.