The communication on Corporate Digital Responsibility must be tailored towards internal and external stakeholders. Information on digital change is transported transparently and reflects the actual and desired state.

Best Practices


Communication must channel and translate relevant information that empowers stakeholders to hold reference on transmitted knowledge. Communication is a basis for action and effective implementation of CDR initiatives. Effective communication constitutes a precondition for the successful internalization and diffusion of CDR initiatives.

Internal Stakeholders: Employees, management staff

External Stakeholders: Customers, business partners, society, politics, NGOs

  • Does a comprehensive communication framework exist?
  • What is the goal of internal and external communication?
  • Is successful communication measurable?
  • Are target groups evenly recognized under the communication framework?
  • Which channels can be utilized to approach target groups efficiently?
  • Can communication guidelines be accessible as a public document (“public first”)?

  • Set up a communication hotline that serves as a source of information
  • Define communication rules
  • Offer internal communication training
  • Provide an internal communications archive
  • Increase awareness about corporate communication on digital debates

  • To our knowledge, there are no CDR-specific documents that address communication
  • However, the CDR Building Bloxx offer an effective scheme for internal and external communication