Responsible Innovation

The introduction of new technologies and innovations should be value-based, meaningful and vigilant.

Best Practices


Products, services, and processes must be guided by ethical principles and values. Dilemmas between technical feasibility and social adequacy must be solved through a structured and deliberate discourse.

Internal Stakeholders: Innovation management, IT, research and development, marketing and digital product development, CSR.

External Stakeholders: Business Partners, suppliers, customers

  • Deployment of a human-cantered approach to innovation
  • Integration of digital ethics into product development processes
  • Consideration of digital ethics when designing products and services
  • Establishment of formal structures determining constructive dialog on innovation dilemmas
  • Regulating the digital legacy of products

  • Definition of a human-cantered approach to innovation
  • Inventory of relevant technologies and products determining innovation
  • Ethical Impact Assessment: Identification of ethical conflict lines
  • Integration of principles and values into the development process
  • Consistent integration of users (customers/employees) in the development process
  • Offering training programs and workshops for digital product managers
  • Create transparency on digital ethics (T&Cs, data process modelers, statements, publications)
  • Expand monitoring and oversight
  • Establish a common procedure dealing with digital leftovers

  • ISO Standard 9241-210 Human Centered Design for Interactive Systems
  • Ethically Aligned Design (IEEE)
  • Value Sensitive Design (TU Delft)
  • Responsible Research & Innovation RRI (Prisma)
  • Ethics by Design: An organizational approach to responsible use of technology (WEF)
  • CDR initiative & sustainability goes (BMJV)
  • Structural Value Management (design principles, guidelines)
  • Ecological assessment of digital offerings (PCF)
  • Sustainability goals (SDGs, GHG)

  • Data Process Modeller
  • BVDW: CDR Building Bloxx